Rally and Press Conference to Protect our Safety Net – Wed., Oct. 11, 10:30 a.m.

Rally and Press Conference to Protect our Safety Net
Let’s Tell Rep. Tenney What We Think of the House Budget

Wednesday, October 11th, 10:30 a.m.
Outside the Office of Congresswomen Tenney
555 French Rd. – New Hartford NY

In case of rain: Utica Public Library, Utica Public Library
2nd Floor Music Room – Elevator access available
303 Genesee Street, Utica (Parking in the rear on Park Avenue.)

Rally Details:

What: Rally and Press Conference to urge Congresswoman Tenney to oppose the House Budget. It will be held in the Free Speech Zone, a four foot wide zone along the road.

When: Wednesday, October 11th, 10:30 a.m.

Where: Representative Claudia Tunney’s office at 555 French Road, New Hartford, NY. Park in the lot for Home Depot: her office is in the large brick building just to the right of Home Depot as you are facing it. In case of rain, we will meet at the same time in the 2nd Floor Music Room at the Utica Public Library 303 Genesee St.

How: Please bring signs. Please don’t block traffic, don’t engage with counter-protestors, don’t be anything but civil and respectful. Bring signs that let Rep. Tunney know that we oppose cuts to federal programs such as Medicaid, Education, Housing, and Health Care, Medicare, Social Security, and countless federal programs. Make your voice heard!

Who: You! Me! All of us! Everyone! Bring a neighbor, grab a friend, include the whole family. Let’s make sure that Rep. Tunney knows how many of her constituents are concerned about these cuts. Let’s show her what Democracy looks like!

Why are we holding this rally?

Over 100 organizations from across New York State have send a letter to Congresswomen Tenney to make clear our opposition to the harmful proposals included in House Budget Resolution passed by the House Budget Committee in July, and the legislative process by which critical programs could be cut even deeper to pay for massive tax cuts for the wealthy and profitable corporations.

Programs serving low- and moderate-income people would be cut severely, representing a dramatic disinvestment. In New York, 840,000 children are lifted above the poverty line each year by safety-net programs, and nearly 600,000 residents were lifted out of poverty by the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit from 2011 – 2013—yet the House budget resolution would threaten to reverse that progress by cutting these programs. The impact of the resolution would also put at risk the 576,000 low-income households who use federal rental assistance; nearly 3 million residents who received SNAP in FY 2016; and hundreds of thousands more who benefit from federal investments in job training, education, and other social services.

Despite putting in place a continuing resolution to keep the government running through early December, we know the full House will vote on the budget resolution over the course of the next few weeks, and the Senate will craft its own resolution that is expected to also prioritize tax cuts for the wealthy and profitable corporations at the expense of low- and moderate-income people.

We are asking Congresswoman Tenney to oppose the House budget resolution and work instead to craft a budget that:

• Does not establish a reconciliation process – a partisan strategy used in the failed attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act that only requires a simple majority, rather than the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster – to cut programs that help struggling families afford the basics;
• Does not allow cuts to assistance programs to help offset the cost of tax cuts; and
• Requires that tax legislation is “revenue neutral,” meaning tax cuts must be paid for by revenue raisers, such as eliminating wasteful tax deductions and credits that disproportionately benefit the affluent.

The cuts in the House budget resolution would have a devastating impact not only on struggling New Yorkers, but also on our state budget. The House budget resolution would shift billions in costs to our state, leaving us with the choice of throwing people off of assistance or raising revenues at the local level to make up the shortfall. These are not choices we should be making. We urge you to work with your colleagues to craft a bipartisan bill that strengthens the safety net rather than tear it apart.

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