Resistance Picket Friday in Front of Rep. Tenney’s New Hartford Office

Claudia Tenney is listening! She has heard our calls for a Town Hall meeting, and has indicated that she is ready to hold one. So what now? We turn up the volume! She seems to be listening, so let’s make sure that she can really hear us!

Immediate call to action:

What: Resistance Picket in the Free Speech Zone, a four foot wide zone along the road.

Where: Representative Claudia Tenney’s office at 555 French Road, New Hartford, NY. Park in the lot for Home Depot: her office is in the large brick building just to the right of Home Depot as you are facing it.

When: Friday from 3-5pm

How: Please don’t block traffic, don’t engage with counter-protestors, don’t be anything but civil and respectful. Bring signs that let Rep. Tenney know that everyone needs health care, that Immigrants are valued members of our community, and that Medicare and Social Security need to be protected. Make your voice heard!

Who: You! Me! All of us! Everyone! Bring a neighbor, grab a friend, include the whole family. Let’s make sure that Rep. Tenney knows how many of her constituents are concerned about the Trump agenda and her role in it. Let’s show her what Democracy looks like!

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